Privacy Policy

Your privacy is very important to us. As such we collect as little information from you as possible. Here is what and how.

Claire Budget App

Our app ships without any tracking code. It has no embedded advertisements. All the data you enter stays on your device and belongs to you. We have no way of accessing your data.

This website

We may ask you for your email and full name. No other data is requested or stored via this website. We do not have any tracking (except Google Analytics mentioned below) and no advertisements.

To operate the website we use two third-party services. One is Google Analytics to collect anonymous traffic statistics. We do not use Google Analytics to store any personally identifiable information (PII). Google Analytics uses cookies.

The second service is Mailchimp, we use this service for our newsletter. When you sign up for our newsletter we store your email, and if you choose, your full name. This data is stored on Mailchimp’s servers and is accessible to us.

We prepared some links to their privacy policies below.

Third-Party Policies

Google Analytics: