Claire Budget update with Goals and Scheduled Transactions

by Markus Bodner in  Claire Budget  

A new update for Claire Budget is now available on the App Store. It brings a new features like goals, overdrafts, pay from and scheduled transactions. The app also looks better than ever.


You can now create goals. Need to buy a new TV then plan a large purchase. Want to put some money on the side every month, there is a goal for that! Or if you have debts/loans to pay off you can schedule payments. Goals allow you to plan for the future while maintaining a clear view on what is going on with your day to day budget.

Schedule Transactions

We all have recurring expenses every month like rent. You can now create transactions which run automatically every few days/weeks/months or even years. No need to manually create the same repeating expense every month.

Pay From

You can now select what to pay an expense with. Finished saving all the money for the new TV? Select the goal as ‘pay from’, your income remains untouched!

Get the update now on the App Store. We hope you enjoy this update and as always look forward to hear from you.

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