Claire Budget update with new Reserves Feature

by Markus Bodner in  Claire Budget  

Two iPhones showing the Claire Budget app with the app icon and app name.

A new update for Claire Budget is now available on the App Store. It brings a new reserves feature and landscape mode.


You can now allocate a certain budget for a category per month. Use this feature to take care of your basic needs every month so you can feel save spending the remainder of your budget.

We all have recurring bills that stay mostly the same from month to month. Rent, Water, Internet, and Electricity to name a few. Sum up how much those cost you per month and reserve that amount.
Your available budget is now reduced by those costs leaving you with a safe-to-spend budget.

Tip: Once you have a feeling for it, reserve a monthly food budget.

In addition the update enables landscape mode, fixes to work with the upcoming iPhone X and some other minor UI tweaks.

Get the update now on the App Store. We hope you enjoy this update and as always look forward to hear from you.

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