First step to get your personal finances in order

by Markus Bodner in  Personal Finances Guide  

Many guides on the web begin with throwing words like ‘invest’, ‘401(k)’, ‘index funds’ at you. With little explanation leading to a lot of confusion. This post is part of a series to guide you into how to keep a budget. Step by step.

By reading this you’ve actually already completed the first step in your journey. As with anything in life—losing weight, working out, learning an instrument—the very first step is always the same. You have to decide to do it. And you have to keep making that decision every day.

This may sound simple but it isn’t. At least not at first. After a while of giving budgeting a conscious thought every day it’ll become part of you. It is important that you try to frame your thoughts in a positive (or neutral) way.
Don’t dread every purchase, only recognize that buying something has an impact on your budget. As you keep tracking your expenses you’ll become more confident every day.

Next time we get into the basic framework on which you will build your amazing new financial freedom upon.

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