Budgeting was never easier

Claire Budget is here to help you be in control of your money. Stop worrying about every dollar, erase debt and start saving money.

Screenshot of Claire Budget on the home screen.

Tracking What Matters

Starting a budget should not be a difficult task. Claire Budget makes you focus on the basics to achieve a healthy budget. Simple.

Informed, Always

Know how much you spent and what is left any time. This way you never overspend.

Fast & Easy

Everything is kept simple. Adding new transactions is fast.

Full History

Review past transactions and see where your money went.

Unlimited Categories

A category for every occasion. Suit your needs. Subcategories for even more detail.


All your data is save. No tracking. We do not ask for bank info. Everything belongs to you.

Month, Week or Day

View your budget on a month, week or day basis to best fit your needs.

Three iPhones showing the category, home and transaction screens